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We presented to you some goods from PBJ few days ago. Personally being in love with my XX-005 and was amazed with the quality of the Tees that have just arrived we needed to get to the bottom of what is what so we mailed them and here's the response...

"Our cotton is mixture of Texas and Zimbabwe.
The yarn, machine, contexture, everything is special.
It is a technique that only skilled craftsman can do, so it would be difficult for the other companies to make denim of the same quality as us.
Because there are only two machine that can weave this denim, we are constantly using those machine.

The indigo T-shirt is our own fabric.
The cotton from Zimbabwe, and it dyed with rope form.
As for the dye, it is our original deep indigo that would be difficult color to dye outside Japan.
White T-shirt is using American cotton.
We are very glad you liked it!

Best regards,

pure blue japan"

Close up

...We have just also got a list of whats currently being developed in PBJ denim lab... all I can say is it's a long list none of which is less than amazing...We do look forward to the completion!!

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