Pronto X Imperial

We give you some images of the much anticipated ProntoXImperial!!


Recently we've shown you the customs inner pocket print + the leather are some fit pics:

Available in Indigo and Black:




The Indigos are made of 17oz. Left Hand Twill... with gold stitch all over and white back pockets embo while the Blacks are made of lighter 14.5oz. with gold stitch all over...the first Blacks from Imperial to have contrast stitching.

Both are unsanforized Rope-dyed denim.




The cut is a super-slim straight silhouette based on APC's Petit Standard fit with a slight touch from us and the people @ Imperial HQ.

Made in Okayama, Japan with all the vintage details as can be found on repro denim i.e. rolled belt loops, hidden rivets back pockets, selvage coin pocket, chain stitched hems...etc. The first release from Imperial to have these details.

The blacks were made a total of 60pcs and the Indigos slightly more... Sizes 26"-34" all in 36"length. This is a one off production and will not be reproduced.

We'll come back to you soon on measurements pre and post soak...I'm told the Indigo bleeds like $%^& !! Will let you know.

Coming to stores September 28th!

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