PRPS New Arrivals and exclusive item

Some images for you of our newly arrived PRPS denim collection

We have got a lot of Ramblers and a Barracuda : Some images here

Barracuda Down Town : Completely trashed...these jeans has taken a lot of beatings and repairs and still has a lot of life left in them and looking handsome.. served PRPS Style.

Rambler Six Month Raw : One of the best selling item..these are RAW denim and have not touched water but have been chemically treated to look aged. They can be worn as raw denim and will age beautifully!

Rambler Greaser : A simple yet beautiful wash on these Ramblers...great tone of indigo was used for these

Rambler Dark Burners : What more can we say about this classic wash.. still looking fresh today as they were years ago when they first came out. These were specially cut for us in the Ramblers silhouette, slapped some rivets on the back pocket and we have amazing pair of jeans. These start at size 27...for the very first time in PRPS mens denim history and they go upto size 40... Less than 50 of these available now..worldwide..

Available in stores now!

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